Sustainable & Social

Sustainable & Social

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Sustainable Vancouver living

We believe in a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. With smaller spaces comes a reduction in waste, energy and your environmental footprint. Your utilities are so efficient, they are included in your rent. And all the amenities you need are here – from a spacious BBQ area to gym, workshop and studio space. You can even grab a car share if you want to hit the road. At APT, sustainable Vancouver living means you can have it all.

The social life

APT Living is a not just a place to live - it’s a way to live. We’re committed to making apartment life less isolating and creating a new type of community for the urban renter.

Whether you are watching a film in our Media Lounge or booking one of the large Kitchen & Dining Lounges for a dinner party of twelve, it’s a modern lifestyle with plenty of space to share (and without the Yaletown apartment price tag).
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Urban community style

Look at the most energetic cities in the world - New York, London, Tokyo - people in these places mostly live in small accommodations and spend their time in public places. 

This collective of interesting, forward-thinking people is what makes urban landscapes vibrant. As more people begin to adopt this interactive lifestyle, our city’s energy will only grow stronger.

“The best things in life aren’t things.” – Art Buchwald

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