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APT Living suite renovations complete.

Final renovations to all of the suites in APT are now complete, including new bathrooms, kitchens and European-style cabinetry, all in gleaming white. Floors are finished in a tasteful dark ebony laminate, and new balcony doors and blinds installed.

“We wanted to maximize the comfort and function of these compact suites, and give our residents a fresh living space to enjoy,” said APT Living partner and Developer Steven Yan, “We worked hard to choose finishes and design elements that will really work in these spaces.”

Hallways and other shared areas have also been updated, and that work continues.
Next on the whole-building makeover are renovations to the living areas that will make APT one big, happy home.

“We have some great design work being done by our architectural partners on the Lounge, Media Room, Barbecue Patio and Gym features,” Yan continues, “We are building those out now, and we think residents will be surprised at the level of finish and style these areas will have.”

“We really want to create the feeling that at APT, the whole building is your home. Sure, you go to your suite for private time, but these feature areas – that’s where you can really live large.”
News: Interior renovation launched for APT

Shaughnessy Village renamed and launched as APT Living !

The Shaughnessy Village B&B has served Vancouver’s tourism and local neighbourhood for many years, but as the city evolves, a new vision is taking its place.
APT Living is the new name for this iconic west 12th avenue building, which will continue to serve some short-stay visitors, but will increasingly focus on longer-term tenants who value experiential living over space for their stuff.

“Vancouver is ready for this scale of urban living,” says Derek Lee of Prospero Group, one of the APT Living development partners. “It combines affordability with a new less-is-more aesthetic that appeals to everyone from 20-year old university students to downsizing seniors.”

The APT name and brand are the brainchild of Vancouver sustainable marketing agency Unicycle Creative.

“APT is the most compact abbreviation for the word ‘apartment’, which makes sense for suites that start at 150 square feet. It’s also a word that means suited to the purpose or occasion; appropriate. For those interested in experiencing the best in Vancouver living without the burdens of unnecessary space or possessions, APT is definitely that.”

All of the ultra-compact suites are being renovated to a like-new level of finish, and in 2014 the rest of the building and common areas will be brought up to the same high standards, creating a style of living that fits well with Vancouver’s goal of being the World’s Greenest City by 2020.
APT, indeed.

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